About LUVRGRL Movie


Written by Lorelei Shannon and Lee Bennett Sobel, LUVRGRL is a 90-minute feature film which completed principal photography October, 2002 and is currently in post production and will be released early 2003. The very modern yet emotive soundtrack features music by internationally acclaimed electro, synthpop and industrial bands, including London 86, Moulin Noir, Galvanized, Psyche, Neurepublik, Suture Seven, Somna M. Bulist, Legowelt, and others.

The story of LUVRGRL concerns Zoë Ferrara, an eighteen-year-old beginning her freshman year at New York University. Zoë has a painful secret: she is spiraling deeper and deeper into sexual addiction. A great deal of research went into capturing this affliction realistically. Attention was also taken to insure that the movie not be degrading to women and in fact carries a pro-female sexual empowerment message.

The movie was shot in seven days on an extremely limited budget on mini DV. The cast and crew’s commitment to the project was what held it together as the production experienced just about every setback, including having to recast important roles in the eleventh hour, equipment malfunction and losing locations, which forced director Sobel to rewrite scenes for new locales on the spot.

Cast & Crew:
Nicole Benisch – Zoe
Christopher Nieto – Ben
Chuck Caudill, Jr. – Professor Mitchell
Katie Terry – Shelly
Kelly Ray – Mary
Sean Eager – Tom
Catherine Siracusa – Zoe’s Mother
Antonio Tomahawk – Drug Dealer
Simon Dasher – Ned
Ian Jarvis – Well-Dressed Man
Mark Alan Brown – Punk Boy
Margaret Lancaster – Christine
Fanny Gonzalez – Prostitute
Bill Oliver – Business Man
Lee Bennett Sobel – Man In Store
Pete Migliaccio – Tough Guy
Robert Driemeyer – Store Clerk
Katrina Galore – Mary’s Gothic Girlfriend
Produced & Directed by Lee Bennett Sobel
Written by Lorelei Shannon and Lee Bennett Sobel
Production Manager: Pete Migliaccio
Assistant Director: Kelly Heresy
Director of Photography, Jessica Gerlach, Richard Gin
Sound: Richard Gin
Script Supervisor: Aline Motta Key
Makeup: Dyana Aives
Stills: Dagmara Mituniwicz